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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cat Fldr

Do you know what a Cat Fldr is? Do you even have any idea? Recently I was riding around with Molly Magestro and I noticed the Cat Fldr for the first time.

The shallow explanation is this: the Cat Fldr is a button on the dashboard of Molly's Jetta. It's situated with the radio/CD-player buttons. Even from my vantage point in the backseat, in the darkness of a winter nine pm, I was intrigued by the simple yet mysterious white letters of the Cat Fldr.

It taunts you with its devilish simplicity

There were four of us in the car and none of us--not even Molly, who, remember, owns the car--knew what the button was for. None of us could even make a reasonable guess. Even after ten minutes' discussion and roughly five weeks of pondering, therre still seem to be only two possibilities:

1) Cat Fldr actually means Cat Folder, and is some sort of device for (gently) folding your kitty into a convenient travel-size shape for a car ride:

The poor cat was so confused


2) the Cat Fldr is actually the Cat Flooder, a mechanism that floods your car with mewling, scratching, writhing cats:

She should never have pressed that damn button


Consultation of the internet has revealed to me that, unsurprisingly, the Cat Fldr may have something to do with radios/CD players/whatnot. You can repeat my experiment by typing "cat fldr" (don't forget the quotes!) into a Google search engine. Of the two results, only one directly mentions the Cat Fldr:

When I press Cat-Fldr, either I see the word Song and cannot move to the next choice or just see "Searching" on the Display and thats it. ...

That's written by MarcFTL, the only person on the page and, apparently, in the entire internet to ever mention the damned Cat Fldr. Damn you, MarcFTL, and damn anyone else who doesn't have the answers I crave.

If you have any information about this Cat Fldr, leave it in the comments or email it to me at the address on the right.


Anonymous said...

Where are my glasses in that picture? Clearly, one of the cats who inundated my beautiful Jetta (probably tearing up my leather seats) stole them right off my face. Along with my soul.

I hate cat claws. Can the cats being flooded into my car have been declawed, for the sake of both my sanity and the leather? I mean, it is LEATHER for goodness sake! (Synthetic leather. I can't afford the real stuff)

Keep up the good work, compatriot.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not qualified to answer any of these questions. I'd suggest contacting your local Jetta dealer, in regards to the specifications associated with the flooding mechanism.

10catlady said...

I once had one cat.
now I have 10
thnkU cat fldr

Gordon said...

"my kitty don't wear glasses so they are wrong when they say a cat looks like it's owner aren't they."
-J. Hegley (kinda)

Zach H said...

Searched Google, got nothing (but this was at/near the top for "CAT FLDR"). Searched Yahoo and came across this: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3044267

Though it's not directly explained, it sounds like it's CAT/FLDR for Category/Folder. Category for Satellite Radio, Folder for MP3 CDs. Or, I could be totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

It be no point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, has left to read.

Cassie H said...

I was also pretty intrigued by the Cat Fldr button I found in this really cute Toyota Yaris I wanna buy and have been trying to do some research on what the heck it is and I came up with this owner's manual for a car that explains different uses for it. Hope its helpful!